Passage to Inner Joy

The way forward can look challenging. It doesn't have to be. 

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All of our products will help you to:

Heal Yourself

Learn how the body holds all that we need to heal ourselves & discover unprecedented self confidence. 

Connect Spiritually

Develop your energetic connection with the divine & grow your gifts. 

Heal Others

Understand the process of sharing these gifts while healing & in teaching other healers. 

You can heal yourself and others.

Discover, dig, explore your spirituality. Connect with others on the same journey. Look deep inside. Heal and grow. Get on track to realizing your full, true soul potential. 

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Join to connect to Pamela Dussault's decades of education & experience as a successful psychic medium, energy healer, counselor, intuitive, & shamanic practitioner. 

You will feel better, not from reaching for something outside yourself, but by connecting with your own body.

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